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1.Full price of the order will be refunded in case we are unable to deliver our services within the turn-around time, the details of which stated in the matrix below:

Service Turn-around Time for initiating refund Specific Exemptions
User Profile, Listing of buy / sell requirements Listing of Funding Institutions, Consultants, and Franchise If the service is not provided within 5 working days, after the user provides complete information and supporting documents as required, the refund process will be initiated on the 6th working day (holidays include Saturdays, Sundays, National Holidays and other holidays in terms of Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881) Refund shall not be provided in case the user provides wrong information or delays providing required information to complete the profile beyond 3 working days.
Payments to third parties like seller of various properties and services that are routed through our portal Refund process will be initiated within a period of 15 days after the turnaround time accepted by the counterparty (seller), If the service is not provided by such party within a grace period of 10 days after such turnaround time. Refund will be made only if the amounts are kept in the escrow account maintained by the Trustee for the purpose. Charges apply for availing of this facility.

2.smeDEALZ will only initiate the refund process and the actual refund will be made by the payment gateway service provider. smeDEALZ shall not be responsible for the time taken by the payment gateway.

3.All refund requests need to be sent through email to the designated email ID “refunds” from the registered email address of the user. Please state the invoice number, payment date, amount and reason for the refund request. The refund request will be processed for credit to the source account, Depending on the mode of payment it may take between 5-20 days for the credit to reflect in your card or account. reserves the right to reject, suspend, edit, or delete a profile even after submission of the required verification documents by the user, if we believe, in our sole opinion, that such steps will improve the quality of the website. In such cases, where is unable to approve your profile or retain your profile on our website, we provide a refund on a pro-rata basis post deduction of a 5% transaction charge.

5.No refund shall be made:

a.of any plan charges will be made under any circumstance, including non materialisation of any deal. It is made abundantly clear that neither guarantees nor assures any close of any deal envisaged on the portal. Every prospective deal is based on the counterparty agreeing to accept the deal. The portl is only a marketplace created by aggregating the counterparties. . We recommend you to use our free plans and go through our services and processes, as and when available, to try our services before subscribing to a paid plan.

b.of any plan charges or any fee with respect a specific service purchased from / through, on the excuse that the same has not been utilised or that the user has not logged in during the period currency of the plan or service. :

c.of any plan charges or any fee with respect a specific service purchased from / through, in case such service could not be availed of because of non submission of any KYC or other documents sought for verification purposes. may terminate an account if it is found that, in our opinion, the user is abusing the portal in any way, furnishes false information, or has previously failed to pay any dues towards the portal or to any consultant or service provider contracted through the portal. In such circumstances, shall be entitled to retain the entire fees paid the user towards damages and user shall not be entitled to seek a refund of the same.