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Funding the Indian MSME: Best SME Business Loans and SME Venture Capital In India

Raise Capital through Equity, Obtain Loans and Other Non-Fund Support

Resource Mobilisation

Almost Every SME Needs Funding, Both Equity and Debt,

Availing of finance is one of the major problems faced by SMEs. Most business acquisitions get aborted due to financial constraints. The requirements range from acquisition finance to project finance, working capital to term loans, and investments in equity to debt instruments. Seed funding for Start-ups, and Angel Investments are early stage investments in newly started MSMEs and call for a great deal of handholding and assistance. Venture Debt Funds generally invest in debt instruments as acquisition finance. MSME Loans and Start-up business loans are some of the small ticket debt options available to new companies.

smeDEALZ aggregates various options to businesses to get adequate financial resources from funding institutions and private investors. Banks, NBFC’s, and ARCs are aggregated here for debt funding. PE/VC Funds, AIFs, and private investors are also aggregated for equity funding.

VC Funds

VC Investments - The First Step to Fast Forward Your Business, and Get Listed in a Stock Exchange

VC/PE Funds are the anchors for the Indian MSME Growth. Venture capitalists play a vital role in the speedy growth of any SME. Some of the key investment exercises undertaken by VC Funding include Angel Funding/Seed funding for start-ups (early-stage financing) and infusion of growth capital (expansion financing). Further, some of the Venture Capital funds offer acquisition or buyout financing through. convertible securities or hybrids. Even well-established companies go for multiple rounds of funding for growth. The right industry, the right business model, and the right scalability are some of the ingredients that financing Venture Capital enthusiasts look forward to in making their investment decisions. SME Venture Capital investments attract better retail investor appetite in an IPO. smeDEALZ has listed several Venture Capital funds, each having its own niche area of operation.

Loan Aggregators

Almost Every SME Needs Debt Funding

MSME Finance is one of the major concerns for the Indian MSME sector. The requirements include -SME finance,Start-up Loans, SME working capital loan, and term loans. smeDEALZ aggregates various options to business enterprises to get adequate financial resources and SME Business Loans from funding institutions. smeDEALZ acts as a super aggregator to the loan aggregators.

Get Direct Access to Several Financial Institutions in One Go. Chose the Right One to Serve Your Needs.

Loan aggregators provide instant access to multiple financial institutions, NBFCs, and Banks simultaneously.

Each financial institution will have certain specialties, like – Start-up Finance, Equity Funding, and Unicorn Financing etc. Not all institutions provide all types of loan products. Hence, once the borrower makes a request for a loan through a loan aggregator, all the lenders are notified and one may get a response from the respective lenders. The borrowing process becomeseasy and hassle-free.

Institutional Lenders

Direct Access to Funding Institutions

The requirements for funding Indian MSMEs range from Term Loan to Working Capital on the one side and Bill discounting to non-fund support on the other side. smeDEALZ aggregates various banks and NBFCs for the benefit of Indian MSMEs. Each Bank and NBFC is categorised according to their area of specialisation and preferred terms of lending. By logging into smeDEALZ one doesn’t have to run from pillar to post to get the right funding. The services of consultants for preparing project reports, projections, and Credit Monitoring Arrangement (CMA) data for the borrower companies.

Banks and NBFCs

smeDEALZ presents some of the chosen banks for your credit needs, be it working capital, term loans, SME business loans, or non-fund support. Non-Banking Finance Companies (NBFCs) are also vital for Indian SME Funding. They generally provide MSME loans for business purposes including term loans and also offer bill discounting and similar services. smeDEALZ helps all its clients by enlisting some of the friendly NBFCs that are specialised to provide SME Business Loans and address all other financial needs of SMEs.

Asset Reconstruction Companies

Revival Funding

SMEs that have already defaulted on repayments, and those are potential Non-Performing Assets (NPAs) find it next to impossible to avail of loan finance. In this scenario, an Asset Reconstruction Company (ARC) could take over the existing SME Business loan from the Bank. An ARC is a special type of financial institution that buys debts (Stressed Assets) from banks at a mutually agreed value and attempts to recover the debts from the associated securities by itself. ARCs are registered under the RBI and regulated under the Securitisation and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Securities Interest Act, 2002 (SARFAESI Act, 2002). ARCs take over a portion of the debts of the bank that qualify to be recognised as NPAs. ARCs are aggregated in smeDEALZ for such funding.

Some of the NBFCs also offer mezzanine funding to rescue the SMEs from potential default.