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Aggregation of Merchant Bankers, Rating Agencies, Debenture Trustees, and a Host of Consultants

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Aggregation of Merchant Bankers, Rating Agencies, Debenture Trustees, and a Host of Consultants

smeDEALZ acts as an aggregatorof various service providers such as Merchant Bankers, Rating Agencies, Debenture Trustee for SME, and a host of SME Consultancy firms from every field of activity, to make the growth of your company faster, professional, and compliant with the law. All the service providers are pre-verified and of good standing in the market. These service providers act as business catalysts setting your company in order to boost your business to get the shares listed in stock exchanges.

Merchant Bankers

All services from the valuation of shares to bringing your IPO

SmeDEALZ aggregates various reputed Merchant Bankers so that the SMEs can use their services for IPOs, Valuation reports, Private placement of securities etc.

Investment bankers globally are enablers and catalysts for business acquisitions. In India, Investment bankers that are registered with SEBI as “Merchant Bankers” alone are entitled to manage SME IPO’s and related activities.

IPO for SME is a major milestone in the business journey of a mid-size company. Indian SME’s who wish to mobilize capital and consequently enhance their valuations through a BSE SME IPO or NSE SME IPO,need to appoint a SEBI registered Merchant Banker for SME IPO and get their equity listed on Stock exchanges. Merchant Bankers are also eligible to issue valuation certificates for your shares whenever a private placement is made.

Debenture Trustees

All types of trusteeship including the Escrow mechanism

The primary role of a Debenture Trustee is to safeguard the interests of the investors in debentures. It is mandatory to appoint a SEBI Registered Debenture Trustee for all secured Debenture issues. However, smeDEALZ has envisaged certain specie roles for debenture trustee for SME sector, such as the following:

Escrow Agent: Acting as an independent third party capable of holding assets – funds, securities, movables, etc., on behalf of two or more transacting parties. The appointment and scope of work of an Escrow Agent is broadly described in an Escrow Agreement executed by and amongst the Escrow Agent and the transacting parties. The trustee thus plays an important role in business acquisition and in many other commercial transactions.

Succession Planning and Family Trusts: Acting as Trustees to Family Trusts created as part of succession planning for business owners and High Net worth Individuals and their families to secure their wealth and plan for unforeseen circumstances.An important aspect of planning ahead is an air-tight succession plan that can help with a smooth transition of power, wealth, and business control within a family. Traditionally, most business-owning families or HNIs have opted for wills as a tool for succession planning. However, with the possibility of wills leading to long-drawn legal disputes among family members, many families are now considering the option of creating business as well as private family trusts.

Credit Rating Agencies

Rated Companies Enjoy Higher Credibility and Get Cheaper Loans From Banks

An SME Credit Rating Agency plays a vital role in assessing the financial strength of a company. Good credit ratings enable companies to borrow with ease from financial institutions or debt markets. Banks usually base the terms of a loan as a function of a credit rating or credit score and this typically means that the better your credit rating, the better the terms of the loan. Credit Rating also serves as a benchmark of the overall management of the company.

A credit rating agencyfor SMEs is well versed in the SME sector and will be more cost-effective from an SME perspective. The SME rating agency provides credit ratings, governance ratings, sustainability ratings, etc., for various SME companies.

Registrars & Transfer Agents

Services relating to Demat, Share transfers, and IPO

Registrar & Transfer Agents(RTA) help SME companies to dematerialise their shares and other securities thereby, eliminating the hassles connected with transfers, transmissions, and other corporate actions. RTAs have to be mandatorily appointed for the conduct of SME IPOs and for effecting transfers of shares and other securities.

RTAs also provide several other services including – Rights Issues, KYC Management, Buyback, Electronic Postal Ballots, etc.The SME companies registered with smeDEALZ can avail of the aforesaid services of the RTAs at competitive rates.


Database of Pre-Verified and Trusted Consultants of All Categories. 5 Star Rated Consultants Have Executed Our Quality Assurance Agreement.

Law Firms: Every business deal requires contracts and other legal documentation to be executed as part of the deal. Breach of certain covenants may lead to litigation and out-of-court settlements, where again one may need litigation support and other legal assistance. Many law firms also offer legal due diligence and related advisory.

Valuation Firms: Valuation of business enterprises and business valuation are the for negotiating any business acquisition. The buyer can relate its resources to the intrinsic value of the business whereas the seller gets to know a realistic value of its business that he will be able to unlock. While the negotiated price agreed upon by the SME Consultants to a deal may not be the same as the intrinsic value arrived at through a valuation process, however, such value serves as an authentic benchmark for a negotiated deal. Smaller cities may not have enough valuers near you. However, smeDEALZ aggregates these professions on the portal.

CA/CS Firms: Chartered Accountants’ firms offer a wide range of business services from accounting to finance, and from taxation to auditing. They also offer financial and commercial due diligence and help in preparing project reports, business projections and offer advisory relating to these areas. CS firms offer a similar range of services focusing more on the governance and compliance aspects. They offer all corporate services from business incorporation to mergers and winding up. Some of these MSME Consulting firms also offer legal and commercial due diligence, compliance audit, and rectification of compliance lapses relating to various laws. Both CA and CS firms offer Insolvency and Bankruptcy services as well.Tier 2, tier 3 cities, and rural areas may not have a sufficient number of chartered accounts near you and company secretaries near you. SmeDEALZ aggregates these professionals and you may get the best of services of these professionals enlisted in this portal.

Growth Hackers: SMEs do always have great scalability in terms of their business size. Many may not be able to achieve high levels of growth due to resource constraints, such as financial, manpower and talent. This is where different MSME Consultants are needed. Growth Hackers work out strategies for business growth, client acquisition, marketing, and sales, using a combination of Hacks (both online and offline). Results are quick, tangible, and massive. Modern small businesses hinge on Growth Hacking, and there are reputed Growth Hacking consultants who can help your business to attend great heights.

Other Consulting Firms: Many of the MSME Consulting firms that offer legal, valuation, and other services also offer several other value-added services on Insolvency & Bankruptcy, Due Diligence, Direct & Indirect Tax matters, NCLT Proceedings, Business Analysis, SME Business Consultancy,and Project Consulting etc. To ensure that our clientele should not face any dearth of SME business consultants near you, smeDEALZ has enlisted all these categories of SME consultants. BSE SME listing has evoked great interest in the SME sector and this required handholding of the SME by various consultants and advisors.