Virtual Solutions: Data-room, Auction, Board-governance, and Arbitration

State-Of-The-Art SAAS Products Adding Value To Our Clients

Our Proprietary ‘Software As A Service’ (SAAS) for our SME Clients

As part of our technology initiatives, we have developed our own software for various corporate and governance purposes. This has enabled several of our corporate clients to make corporate compliances easier and hassle free. The important software products that we have developed, include Virtual Data-room, Online Board Governance and Meeting software, and Virtual Arbitration software.Further, we also have an online platform for effective SME Governance.

smeDEALZ offers their SAAS for the benefit of SME clients. We assure that these are very cost-effective, efficient and will save a lot of time, money, and effort for our clients, especially in the conduct of professional board meetings, due diligence exercises, audits of various kinds, and also the arbitration.

For enabling the sale of IPR and distressed assets, we have also provided an Auction Platform for the benefit of our clients.

Virtual Data Room

User Friendly and Economical Virtual Data Room for Due Diligence and Audit

We offer “eCorpora DMS” which is an economical Virtual Data Room Service. eCorpora data Room functions as a central repository of data for the purposes of Due Diligence and Audit. This is a very handy utility for the seller to get Due Diligence done on his company. It serves as a data room for audits of any type also. The data room enables interested parties to view information relating to the business in a controlled environment.

We act as virtual data room providers and for us, confidentiality is paramount, and strict access controls for viewing, copying, downloading, etc., are imposed as per the requirements of the client. eCorpora DMS obviates all the disadvantages of confining due diligence to a standard, physical location, needing couriers to move documents, or transporting key staff and personnel back and forth. It is completely Customisable and also accessible 24/7 over the allowed period. By using eCorpora DMS documents are made available to the relevant parties in a very efficient and timely manner.Please click here for further details

Virtual Board Meeting

For Conducting Formal Virtual Board Meetings, Ensuring Board Related Compliances - Most Preferred by Companies Having Institutional Funding

smeDEALZ provides “eGavel Board” a completely virtual Board Governance Software and Board Management Software that can be used for scheduling, and conducting formal board meetings apart from performing all board compliances. As far as Board meetings of VC-invested companies are concerned, it gives total comfort to the Board of Directors,the top management, and more specifically to the VC fund that has invested in your company. Companies can use this software on a log-in basis. The designated employees of the organisation will be able to organise Board Meetings, prepare and upload agendas, send notices, and also perform a host of other matters using this software. We also provide assistance in conducting formal board meetings and compliance thereof.

Virtual Auctions

To Get the Best Intrinsic Value for Your Sale Commodity in the Shortest Time

An online auction is a service in which auction users or participants sell or bid for products or services via the Internet. Virtual auctions facilitate online activities between buyers and sellers in different locations or geographical areas. smeDEALZ offers an online auction facility for selling intellectual properties and also enables online SARFAESI auctions by Asset Reconstruction Companies. In this massive marketplace, the auction process gets one, the best pricing, and makes the sale easier and quicker. Please click here for further details

Virtual Arbitration

The Most Modern Way to Resolve Commercial Disputes

Commercial arbitration has been gradually migrating to the virtual realm in recent years. Also, there is a growing tendency towards electronic submissions and internet-based file repositories. smeDEALZ has made available a platform for various types of Online Arbitrations and dispute resolutions, including Investment Arbitration, Domestic Arbitration, voluntary arbitration, mediation, and conciliation. All these types of fast-track arbitrations, hearings, submission of records, arguments, and awards, all happen online and through our value-added arbitration platform. There is no doubt that this is a new environment, and that new skills must be developed not only by counsel but also by arbitrators for successful arbitration and conciliation. Coming soon – Please click here for further details