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Sell Company: Sell Your Business for the Best Price

Sell Businesses, IPR, Franchise, and Unlisted Securities. Offer JVs and Collaborations.

Unlocking the Value of Your Business

Exiting a Business Made Easy, All Assistance Provided

smeDEALZ understands the value and effort put into growing businesses and companies. The reasons for exiting a business could be anything, obsolescence to resource crunch, unavailability of start-up funding, family issues leading to improper succession planning etc. However, realistic valuations based on future cash flows, scalability and several other factors do matter to the buyer. We understand that selling your business is a tedious and time-consuming process, but it could be an important event of your business journey.

Whether you plan to retire, exit, relocate, move to greener pastures, or switch to a new field, selling your existing business to an interested business house is the best option. smeDEALZ is the golden key to where you can sell your business to unlock its intrinsic value. smeDEALZ lists several offline/onlinebusinesses for sale. There are several consultants available on the portal for doing a valuation of your business and providingyou with the required legal assistance.

Exit Business

Unlocking the Value of Your Business

Sell Companies: If you are the promoter of a Company and you want to exit the business by looking forward to sellcompany (transfer of shares) you have enough opportunities to identify an appropriate buyer. There are several buyers who look for inorganic growth through business buyouts in the SME sector. smeDEALZ enables corporate sell-out by listing all company for sale, who are looking out for acquisitions from multiple industries and areas.

Sell Businesses: smeDEALZ provides wide opportunities for exiting a particular business through a slump sale. While the company remains with you, you can sell one or more businesses of your company for an optimum value. There exist several business houses looking forward to buying your business and using that for backward or forward integration with their existing business.

Sell Factory units: Out of multiple factory units that your company may have, you may decide to sell off a particular unit. The reason could be value realisation, logistic issues, obsolescence of machinery, local issues or for any other reason. smeDEALZ enables the acquisition of such units by listing different commercial property for sale from multiple industries and areas. The buyer listings are automatically matched at the back end and alerts are generated for the seller. The buyer listings can also be sorted industry wise and area wise to suit your requirement and interest expressed thereon.

Sell Intellectual Properties- A Facility First Time Ever in India

IPs Have Intrinsic Value

Intellectual Properties comprise, broadly, Patents, Copyrights and Trademarks. In case your company’s core business is IP centric (like software pharma, formulations etc.) selling intellectual property rights realise a decent value for the same. The acquisition of a Patent, Copyright or Trademark could instantly enable the buyer to own a technology, software, or a brand respectively. smeDEALZ provides novel opportunities for corporate growth through IP acquisitions and technology transfers through IP assignments.

Your Unused Patent, Trademark or Copyright Could Fetch You a Fortune

Intellectual properties (IPs) such as patents, copyrights and trademarks are considered to be assets for any business. You may own a patent but you may not be able to monetize it commercially or it may not suit your business profile. If ‘sell my patent’ is your real intent, then please remember, there could be another business that may cherish this patent for furthering their business. This applies to sell trademarks and copyrights for sale too. smeDEALZ provides for the first time ever in India, a platform to transact on IPs. Listand sellIP on our platform with minimum complications.

Sell Franchise

Fast Geographical Expansion Through Franchise

Whether you are a newly established retail brand or an established brand needing rural penetration, there exist excellent franchises for sale opportunities with several budding entrepreneurs looking forward to represent your brand locally. Franchise is an easier and faster way of establishing your presence across the country.

Connecting Growing Brands with Prospective Franchisees Across the Country

If you are a growing brand aspiring to have a presenceacross the country, smeDEALZ offers to connect you with several aspiring prospective franchisees who know the local population and the local market well. Such franchisees are matched based on your requirement and alerted.

Sell Unlisted Securities

What is Spot Delivery Contract?

According to Securities Contracts Regulations Act, 1956 (“SCRA”), a “spot delivery contract” means a contract which provides for (a) actual delivery of securities and the payment of a price therefore either on the same day as the date of the contract or on the next day, the actual period taken for the despatch of the securities or the remittance of money therefore through the post being excluded from the computation of the period aforesaid if the parties to the contract do not reside in the same town or locality; (b) transfer of the securities by the depository from the account of a beneficial owner to the account of another beneficial owner when such securities are dealt with by a depository.

According to Section 18 of SCRA, nothing contained in sections 13, 14, 15 and 17 shall apply to spot delivery contracts, except under certain special circumstances. One may refer to the SCRA for details. In a nutshell, securities that are not listed on a Stock Exchange, can be transacted only through a Spot Delivery Contract.

Exit Opportunities from Unlisted Securities.

Many investors including VC Funds and private investors who have invested in the equities of SMEs, senior employees who have been allotted shares under Employee Stock Option Schemes and of course the original promoters of an unlisted company may want to sell unlisted securities owned by them. A buyer could be a strategic investor or another VC Fund or a private investor. The transaction could lead to a JV or a collaboration deal also. A buyer can also be a typical pre-IPO investor.

Unlisted securities are not tradeable. Hence it is difficult to locate a buyer and to enter into an unlisted securities spot sale transaction instantly. smeDEALZ provides for you with opportunities to invest in a range of unlisted securities pertaining to various companies, thereby facilitating an exit route to investors in unlisted securities through spot transactions.

Bringing Liquidity to Your Illiquid Investments

You may be an ESOP holder, or a private investor or a venture capital fund looking to exit your holding in an unlisted company. There are several unlisted securities that many buyers are interested inacquiring. smeDEALZ facilitates such negotiated transactions on a spot basis by bringing the buyer and the seller together.

Offer Collaboration / JV

Earn Though Collaborations and JVs

If your company has specialised know-how or technology, you may like to offer the same to other enterprises who need the same. Strategic alliance or collaborating with other organizations is one of the important ways to structured expansion and growth. Forming alliances, and joint ventures are some of the traditional collaborative modes of business expansion. Collaboration includes technology and know-how transfer and is among the most popular corporate relationships. Joint Ventures are coming together of two or more businesses for a limited purpose.

Technical Know-how, Joint Ventures, Strategic Investments Facilitated

SME sector in India needs assistance from various partners in terms of technology transfer, joint ventures, and strategic alliances with investment options. Most SMEs do not have access to these types of partnership and smeDEALZ provides exciting opportunities for SMEs for entering into various types of collaborative ventures.